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 Health and Magic System

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PostSubject: Health and Magic System   Thu Mar 20, 2014 5:41 am

The Health and Magic Systems are the two most important parts of this RPG.  Both systems are integral to how this forum and its characters work.  The Health system dictates your hearts and health and how many hits you can take.  While magic dictates how many spells and such you can use.

So how do they work?  Lemme explain! Very Happy

The Health System

The Health system works almost exactly how it does in Zelda, but with a small twist!  You still have hearts, and everyone starts out with 3.  You gain more by beating bosses and clearing dungeons, which are worth 1 Heart Container each, and are awarded to the player who scores the most rupees and treasures in the entire Dungeon Run.  You can also get Heart Pieces through Mini Games, at the shop during rare and special times of the year, or during quests or for coming second place overall in a Dungeon Run.

As always, there are FOUR HEART PIECES TO A SINGLE HEART CONTAINER so in order to make a new heart, you need four Heart Pieces.

What's the twist though you ask?  Well, it's also a numerical value!

Each heart is worth 4 Health.  So 1 quarter Heart is worth 1 health.  How does this work?  Kk so, since you start out with 3 Hearts, that means numerically, you have 12 HP.  That makes it easier to keep track of damage and such.

So if you take a quarter heart damage, you loose 1 HP.  For two hearts, thats 8.  And so on, and so forth, got it?

The Magic System

The magic system is all numerical.  Everyone starts with 20 Magic and the most basic of spells will cost you 5 Magic Points.  The Magic System also has different ranks.

These are the ranks:

Novice --> Apprentice -->Adept -->Expert --> Master

How do you get spells?  You buy them at Syrup's Shop :Dlike anyone else would XD  So yeah, that's pretty much it.  Also, the higher rank magic, the more Magic Points it costs.  Also, third best over all for Dungeon Runs gets an upgrade to their magic meter by 10.  So that's it!

Well that's really all! Very Happy if you have any questions about these please feel free to pm me or Tsumi Buredo and we'll clarify.  Thanks!
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Health and Magic System
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