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 Inventory System

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Inventory (Character 1)Items
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Inventory (Character 2)Items
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PostSubject: Inventory System   Sun Mar 23, 2014 5:57 pm

So we have inventories! But what does that mean?  Well, in every Zelda game, there's always a screen where you can see your inventory.  Your items, your bottles, your treasures, and all that jazz go in your inventory.  Here, you have an inventory topic that you use to create a basic inventory.  But how do you change it after you get new items?

Well, when you get new items and such, an Admin or Moderator will edit your inventory on your profile and add any new items you need right there!  So don't worry about editing your inventory topic, because we'll automatically do it for you!

So every time you add a pouch, or get a new bottle, or get new treasures, we'll add them to your inventory for you!

Also one more thing people should know about their inventories!  Your rupees and treasures are separate from your character, meaning they are account wide.  So any treasures and rupees you earn with one character, can be used to by items and upgrades with another character.

For example, let's say I have two characters.  Kouzai and KouzaiTwo.  I go on a dungeon run with Kouzai and I get all the treasures I need and enough rupees to upgrade my weapon for KouzaiTwo.  So I go to the shop, post what I'm buying and for which character I'm buying the item for and then the treasures and rupees I own are removed from my account.

Also! Adventure Pouches! You start out with four and get a max of 12! What are adventure pouches though? Adventure Pouches are your ability to carry non-essential items. So what's the difference between Non-Essential Pouch Items and Essential Pouch Items? Here's a list of examples!

Non-Essential Pouch Items

All items that are listed below are Non-Essential Pouch Items and count towards your Adventure Pouch space. Everyone starts with a basic four spaces, meaning four Non-Essential Items, and that number grows as you upgrade your adventure pouch. You can have a maximum of 12 Adventure Pouch spaces, meaning 12 Non-Essential Pouch Items max.

Bottles - Maximum 4 per Character

Medals - Only One Can be Equipped at a Time, The Rest may be Stored in the Item Check

Extra Quivers, Bomb Bags and Seed Satchels - You may carry a base of 30 arrows, bombs and Deku seeds, but to carry more you MUST use the extra quivers, bomb bags and seed satchels. The base capacity of these extra ammo bags is 10, but can be upgraded to 20 per bag once fully upgraded. Also, keep in mind that you may have as many extra ammo cases as you wish, so long as you DO NOT EXCEED THE LIMIT OF MAXIMUM ADVENTURE POUCH SPACES.

Examples of Essential Pouch Items

These items listed below are Essential Pouch Items and don't count towards Adventure Pouch space. Meaning you can have all of these items on you at once, but they do not take up space in your Adventure Pouch.

Bombs (First 30)
Bug Net
Fire Rod
Ice Rod

Or anything of the like. Things you would usually find in dungeons.

So yeah!  Hope that answers that! Enjoy Very Happy
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Inventory System
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