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 Admin Protocol and Procedure

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PostSubject: Admin Protocol and Procedure   Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:45 pm

Just a few things Admins and Mods should know about doing things on the site!  Here we go:

1.  All changes made to inventories, weapon classes, and anything else in the profile that a regular member can't edit, must be done by you.  What does this include? Here's the list:

i. Inventory changes on any character, usually happens after Dungeon Runs, Mini Games and Shop purchases

ii. Changes in their character's Weapon Class.  If someone wants to switch from a Spear to a Sword and Shield, once Tsumi or I have approved it, it must be done by one of us staff.  Remember to remove all weapons they previously owned, they cannot sell any of them, and must go buy a new Basic level of their weapon from Biggoron's Shop.

iii. Changes in the amount of treasures owned by a person.  After someone completes a dungeon run, or earns treasures, staff must change that for them.  This goes the same for heart pieces, health, magic upgrades, and just about anything else of the like.

iv.  All purchases made in a shops that are NPC one.  Meaning the ones run by character's from the games, must be approved by a staff member.  Once the purchase is approved, be it an upgrade or a purchase of a potion, the approving staff MUST make all necessary changes to the users.  The necessary rupees must be subtracted from their profile, you do that by going to Admin Panel --> Modules --> Points Donation --> You search for a user, whichever the user was --> Then enter the new amount of rupees they have, which should be their original amount MINUS whatever they paid for the item(s).  If it's an upgrade, do the same thing.  Remove the rupees, but also go to their profiles, in the Character Information section, remove the necessary amount of treasures from their collection.

v. Selling of items.  All sales must be approved by a staff as well.  If they sell an item, remember we buy it back for 75% of the advertised price if it's a item buyable in the shop.  If not, they may make up a reasonable price.  If the price you find, is unreasonable, feel free to haggle, but remember they are also free to haggle.  But! We need not always accept their higher or lower offers, so if you feel the bidding is going to low, you are allowed to make a final offer that they may choose to take or not.  If they don't take it, the sale is ended, if they do, they sell the item and receive that same amount of rupees.  You add rupees the same way you subtract, only you ADD the amount of rupees earned to the old value to get the new value.

vi. Only allow weapons that fall under the types listed on the site.  Also, only allow users to start with the Basic rank of whatever weapon they choose.  They must upgrade/buy/earn their way up the weapon upgrade ladder.

2. You approve it, you move.  If you approve an inventory, a character, a pet, or anything of the like, you move it to the approved section.  It helps prevent clutter.

More will be added as necessary!
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Admin Protocol and Procedure
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