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 Races of the Zelda World

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PostSubject: Races of the Zelda World   Sun Mar 30, 2014 10:59 pm

Here is a list of playable races in the Zelda World:

Race: Human
Lifespan: 60-80 Years
Known Areas: All Lands
Information: Humans are exactly as they sound.  They're humans, not much special about them.  They are one of the two major races of Hyrule and most lands for that matter.  They are easily corrupted by the Triforce's ability to grant power.

Race: Hylian
Lifespan: 100-150 Years
Known Areas: All Lands
Information: Hylians are the second most dominant race of Hyrule and most lands.  They are known by their pointy ears and often oddly coloured hair, ranging from red, to blue, to purple, to even blonde.  They are exceptionally good at magic and live much longer lives than humans.  They're also slightly stronger, taller and usually have piercing blue eyes.  Hylian's breed normally like humans do.  Their aptitude at magic allows them to start with 1 basic spell from 1 element. Some famous Hylians include Princess Zelda, Link, Rauru, possibly Tingle and the Hylian Royal Family.

Race: Goron
Lifespan: 500-700 Years
Known Areas: Hyrule, Termina
Information: Gorons live for extremely long periods of time.  They are also the strongest and the largest of all the races.  They seem to be organic rocks, though this has recently been debunked.  Gorons reproduce asexually, and when a Goron wishes to have a child, he devours a special gemstone that grows within them.  After a few days of gestation the young Goron is regurgitated by its parent.  All Gorons, despite reproducing asexually, are male.  Goron's eat rocks to survive, special rocks mined in their ore mines, and are great blacksmiths and metal workers.  They're known for cultivating and selling bombs and their incredible resistance to heat and fire, even laval often.  Goron's love games of strength, such as wrestling (of any kind.)  The strongest of the Goron's is often made Chief. Some famous Gorons include Darunia, Darmani, Link the Goron (Son of Darunia) and Link the Goron (of Termina).

Race: Zora
Lifespan: 100-110 Years
Known Areas: Hyrule, Termina
Information: Zora are anthropomorphic fish people.  They have the ability to breath underwater and are extremely in tuned with nature, much like the Kokiri and Picori.  While Goron's are all brawn, Zora's are extremely intelligent, rivaling even the Hylians in intelligence.  While not all Zora's live in Zora's Domain, almost all Zora live near bodies of fresh water (salt water in Termina), along Zora's River or Lake Hylia.  Despite their distance from Zora's Domain, all Zora return to Zora's Domain each year to mate amongst each other and hatch their eggs.  This celebration lasts for 6 weeks, after which young Zora's are hatched from their eggs, and left in the care of Mother Zora, the maternal leader and oldest female of all Zoras.  She cares for the young until they are old enough and teaches them everything they need to know to survive.  Zoras are extremely territorial and dislike outsiders, and the feeling is often mutual with Humans and most Hylians.  Zora usually survive off eating fish, shellfish and the like.  All Zora's owe their undying allegiance to the Royal Family, especially King Zora. Some famous Zora include Mikau, King Zora XVI, Ruto, Japas, Tijo, Toto, Evan, and Lulu.

Race: Deku People
Lifespan: 30-40 Years
Known Areas: Termina, Hyrule
Information: Deku Scrubs all live within the Deku Palace.  A massive palace within the trees.  While the smallest of all people, and while the shortest lived of all, they are some of the fiercest.  They shoot bubbles, rocks and Deku seeds at their opponents until they are unconcious or leave them alone.  The Deku's are rarely afraid of anything, that is, when in a group.  When alone, most Deku's choose to flee and fight another day.  They aren't the most intelligent of all races, but they are definitely sentient.  They all follow their king, usually the largest and the grandest, the Deku King.  Deku's are reclusive and often never leave their palace or forest for anything.  The Deku's rarely need to eat, and survive off photosynthesis, so as long as they receive some sunlight and water they can survive.  Deku's are grown from seeds spit up by the mother during mating.  The father buries the seeds inside of a patch of dirt and fertilizes it with sap regurgitated from his organs.  The process takes three months to complete before a baby Deku is fully grown, during which both parents will guard the sapling with their lives and wont leave for anything. Some famous Deku People include the Deku King of Termina and the Deku Princess of Termina.

Race: Kokiri
Lifespan: 40-50 Years
Known Areas: Hyrule
Information: Kokiri are known as Children of the Forest.  They are protected by the Lost Woods that surround their homes and that confuses any outsiders and the Great Deku Tree who is their guardian and leader.  The Kokiri remain children forever, but despite this, they do not live as long as humans, having only about a third of the lifespan humans do.  The Kokiri are not that strong and do not like fights, preferring to mediate and discuss rather than fight.  Kokiri are kind and gentle, and are very soft spoken.  The Kokiri will often work together to get things done, and there is no leader amongst them, only the Great Deku Tree.  The Kokiri are very in tuned with the forest and nature, and love music.  Kokiri breed normally like humans do. Some famous Kokiri include Saria and Mido.

Race: Picori
Lifespan: 200-300 Years
Known Areas: Hyrule
Information: The second longest living of all the races, the Picori are incredibly tiny, and are never seen, no larger than a speck of dust.  Many tales and legends exist about them, but none are verified.  Only the Kokiri know of their existance, as the Kokiri and Picori often take care of one another, living so deep into the forest.  While Kokiri live all across Hyrule, most of them are concentrated in the Picori Village, living under the guidance of their elder, the oldest and wisest of the Picori.  The Picori are incredibly intelligent, and very good with magic.  They are much like the Kokiri in temperament, but do not mind helping others who are in need--albeit secret.  Picori breed normally like humans do. Some famous Picori include Ezlo.

[center]Race: Gerudo
Lifespan: 60-80 Years
Known Areas: Hyrule (Playable), Termina (NPC)
Information: Gerudo are very similar to Hylians, and its thought that they are related through the ancient Hylians, who branched into two groups, one remaining in central Hyrule while the other exiled themselves to the desert. While a majority of Gerudo are female, there are some males in the Tribe, but they are reserved only for breeding and slavery, making the Gerudo Tribe entirely Matriarchal. Perhaps some of the most famous Gerudo include Nabooru, Kotate and Koume/Twinrova, and Ganondorf himself.
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Races of the Zelda World
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