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 Character Template

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Tsumi Buredo
World's Deadliest Politician
World's Deadliest Politician
Tsumi Buredo

Race : Human
Homeland : Hyrule
Weapon Specialization : Twin Swords
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Character Information
Inventory (Character 1):
Inventory (Character 1)Items
Bottle Contents#1: Empty
Weapons and GearBasic Twin Swords
Main Items
Pouch ItemsEmpty Bottle #1
Heart Pieces0/4

Inventory (Character 2):
Inventory (Character 2)Items
Bottle Contents
Weapons and Gear
Main Items
Pouch Items
Heart Pieces

Inventory (Character 3):
Inventory (Character 3)Items
Bottle Contents
Weapons and Gear
Main Items
Pouch Items
Heart Pieces

PostSubject: Character Template   Tue Mar 18, 2014 2:02 am

[size=11][b]Name[/b]: (First, Last. Middle is optional)
[b]Birthplace[/b]: (Where was your character born?)
[b]Current Residence[/b]: (Where does your character live now?)
[b]Rank[/b]: (Optional. What's your social status?)
[b]Occupation[/b]: (What does your character do for a living?)
[b]Race[/b]: (What race is your character? Deku? Hylian?)

[b]Pets[/b]: (Optional. Detailed.)

[b]Weapon Class[/b]: (Pick one of the following classes: Twin [or Multiple) Swords, Two Handed Sword, Sword and Shield, Crossbow, Spear or Axe.  You may only have one class per character per time.)
[b]Weapon[/b]: (You automatically start out with the most basic rank of whatever weapon you choose, though you may customize the look and such, however the damage done by your sword is predetermined according to the rank of your weapon.)[/size]

[size=11][b]Birthday[/b]: (What day was your character born?)
[b]Blood type[/b]: (Your character blood type)
[b]Hobbies[/b]: (Your character's hobbies or interests)
[b]Quirks[/b]: (Something unique or unusual about this character)
[b]Family[/b]: (Your characters family members)
[b]Character Theme[/b]: (A theme song you think best matches your character)[/size]

[size=11][b]Hair[/b]: (Be descriptive! Do not say, "Black, short, straight". Say, "She has black hair going down to her shoulders. It is straight, with a bit of a curl at the end of it.")
[b]Eyes[/b]: (You know the drill. Size, and color. Shape is optional, but be realistic)
[b]Height[/b]: (Be realistic. A 6' tall 13 year old? No way! A 5'5'' 13 year old? Yes)
[b]Clothes[/b]: (Be detailed. Don't say, "Blue pants, red shirt." Say, "She wears orange silk kung-fu pants and a yellow kung-fu shirt. The sleeves of the shirt are decorated with dragons." etc.)
[b]Skin[/b]: (Does your character have smooth skin? Rough skin? Scales? Fur? Feathers? All of the above?)
[b]Body Type[/b]: (How is your character built? Is he well built? A John Cena look alike? A skinny wimp?)
[b]Image[/b]: (Optional, you may use http://www.tektek.org/dream to make your picture. Pretty standard. If you don't like tektek, then you can use your own picture of choice)[/size]

[size=11][b]Personality[/b]: (Be detailed. 1 paragraph minimum.)

[b]Personal Strengths[/b]: (At least 1-5; not too many)
[b]Personal Weaknesses[/b]: (2-5. Weaknesses create interesting characters. Not many people want to put a lot, but put 2-5)
[b]Hamartia[/b]: (What is your character's one fatal flaw?)
[b]Personal Hero[/b]: (A character or maybe an NPC)
[b]Dreams and Ambitions[/b]: (Does your character have a life goal or a dream?)

[b]Likes[/b]: (About 5)

[b]Dislikes[/b]: (Again, about 5)

[b]Brief History[/b]: (2 paragraph minimum.)[/size][/center]
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Character Template
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