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 Ruiyn Straid WIP

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Jacob Shrouder

Race : Hylian
Homeland : Hyrule
Weapon Specialization : Two Handed Sword
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PostSubject: Ruiyn Straid WIP   Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:02 am

Name: Ruiyn Straid
Age: 25
Born: Hyrule
Current Residence: Hyrule Palace
Rank: Medieval equivalent of spec ops General
Occupation: Assassin and informationbroker
Race: Hyrulian
Pets: currently none
Weapon Class: Twin Blades
Weapon: Twin collapsable Bastard Swords
Birthday: exact date unknown so chosen birthday is beginning of summer
Blood type: O-
Hobbies: Rock climbing, free running
Quirks: dislikes being on the street in cities
Family: None although treats Tarsus like a brother

Hair color and length: raven black bout shoulder length in ponytail. straight with slight waves at end
Eyes: thin almond but very deep icy blue color
Height: 5'11"
Clothes: Usually a Icy Blue short sleeved tunic along with black pants and black leather boots. Has a pair leather belts that cross over his chest which hold his blades upside down in there scabbards on his back. He usually wears a black cloak with a silver lining. he also wears a necklace with the hyrulian insignia on it hidden under his tunic.
Body Type: well toned but not overly buff
Skin : A all year round dark tan. His hands are rough from practicing with his blades often, otherwise his skin is soft.
Personality: Usually cold and realistic but has his moments when he is generally nice. Around Tarsus and trusted friends he tends to be softer and not so harsh in his realistic side. He tends to treat Tarsus daughter like a little sister in doing so his realistic sides softens greatly.
Personal strengths: Works well alone, is loyal to his comrades, extremely proficient with blades and stealth
Personal weakness: Has a hard time working with others, has a hard time using anything not bladed, 
Fatal Flaw: crush on Tarsus's daughter
Personal hero: Tarsus for saving Ruiyn
Dreams and ambitions: to repay Tarsus one day
Likes: Dark colors, sweets, soaking in a hot bath, 
Dislikes: maces and other blunt weapons, bathwater getting cold, writing out reports

Brief History: No one really knows where he was born or who is mother was. He was a street urchin always hiding and fighting other kids off for what he had. He seemed to always know how and when to get food for himself. 
   One day while out stealing food for himself he got caught. The shop owner was beating him rather mercilessly when prince Tarsus stumbled upon the owner beating the boy. Tarsus usually goes there to get pie almost everyday and it was about that time when the boy attempted to steal the prince's pie. Tarsus stopped the shop keeper from beating the boy to death and asked the boy his name. The boy responded very roughly Ruiyn Straid son of no one. Tarsus told the boy that he would come work in the palace to pay for everything he had been stealing to survive. 
    At the time Ruiyn was found by Tarsus he was 5. When Ruiyn was noticed for his talents he was 13. Eventually he joined the military to further his talents. At one point while Ruiyn was gather information he stumbled upon a group who was preparing to make a assasination attempt upon the king and his family. Upon giving this information straight to Tarsus he was made into general of the Spy division. His reward for this position was a pair of collasable bastard swords made from a lighter than average metal.
    It has been several years since then and Tarsus and Ruiyn have become great friends since then always sharing a pie.
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Ruiyn Straid WIP
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