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 Itami Kurushii, holder of the Triforce of Power

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Tsumi Buredo
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World's Deadliest Politician
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PostSubject: Itami Kurushii, holder of the Triforce of Power   Tue May 06, 2014 7:45 pm

“How very fitting, that the most bloodthirsty piece of the Triforce should fall into such bloodridden hands.”

Name: Itami Kurushii
Age: 21
Birthplace: The Village of Peace
Current Residence: Bloody Rose Castle
Rank: Triforce of Power wielder, Leader of the Bloody Rose.
Occupation: Professional Assassin
Race: Hylian

Weapon Class: Sword and Shield
Weapon: Basic sword and Basic Shield

Hobbies: Enjoys a game of chess.

Wife- Emyli Buredo [Deceased]
Son- Tsumi Buredo

Character Theme:

Hair: Itami has medium-length, relatively fluffy silver hair.
Eyes: His eyes are a steely grey, though they turn red when Itami has the intent to kill.
Height: 6”1
Clothes: He wears blue armor, over whatever tunic he happens to be wearing.
Skin: Pale and smooth.
Body Type: Tall and skinny.

Personality: Regardless of public opinion, Itami DOES have a sense of right and wrong- and he knows exactly what side of that spectrum he stands on. Due to his period of time in slavery, He has become largely masochistic (and a little Sadistic, as well). As a result, when confronted with pain, no visible reaction can be seen.

Itami makes it a point to never reveal his emotions- he often speaks in an intimidating monotone, and his eyes remain fixed in a cold glare. Unlike previous wielders of the Triforce of Power, he has no evil laugh, nor cocky swagger- The closest he gets to a show of mirth is the occasional bloodthirsy smirk.

Itami goes about things with an objective mentality- what course of action will benefit him the most, and cost him the least? Above all, what will further his goal of total global domination?

Itami is a lover of the arts- when not in the middle of murdering innocents, or exacting revenge on someone who has wronged him, he can often be seen attending a play, or with his nose in a book.

Personal Strengths:

-Master Swordsman
-Magic Prodigy
-Chess Master
-Quick reflexes

Personal Weaknesses:

-Holding his temper
-Does not do well in groups
-Never backs down from a challenge

Hamartia: Has virtually no temper- he will never show his anger, but he WILL resort to violence.
Personal Hero: The bird that freed him.
Dreams and Ambitions: To subjugate all of the known world.


-Being respected
-When plans go smoothly
-Ingenuitive ideas
-Well-crafted objects.


-Being talked down to.
-Poorly made tea.
-When corners are cut.

Brief History:
“On your feet, boy!”

Itami lay face down, having been beaten and whipped to a pulp by the cruel woman who owned him- for, you see, he had been sold into slavery at a young age.

Itami slowly stood up; waiting for the beating he knew would come. “Swear your allegiance to me, and you will never worry about pain again.” She said, angling her sword to strike again.
No! he shouted back, bracing himself for the blow, which came horizontally, across his chest. “I could have you executed for this, you know.”

“At least I’d die as me.”

Conditions were tough, working under mistress Waru, but at least she provided for her drudges well. Each drudge was provided with a black, hooded cloak, pants, and shoes, which she claimed would hide their ugliness from those around them, especially the one with the horrid silver hair. Plus, on a special occasion, sometimes she would give a small pay to whoever would serve her with the most enthusiasm. In fact, she was rather kind to any who would swear allegiance to her. Itami, however, did not fall into that category. He was whipped, beaten, and abused at every turn. “Aren’t I so beautiful when I’m making demands?” She asked Itami, in her normal condescending tone. “Of COURSE mistress, there are none more beautiful than you.” Said Itami, his voice oozing with sarcasm. Waru smiled, showing what Itami swore were fangs. “Of course I am.” Waru whipped Itami countless more times, before she herself grew tired and bored. After all, what fun is a slave that doesn’t scream?
After whipping Itami one more time, she shouted “OK EVERYONE, I BELIEVE IT IS TIME TO SLEEP” she turned toward Itami, smiled, and said “You shall sleep in the hatchery tonight. In fact, we shall tie you to the ground, and starve you until you are ready to swear your allegiance to me, and give up that pathetic sense of right and wrong.” At least the birds can competently groom themselves.” Waru’s face grew red with anger. SILENCE! SILENCE! SILENCE! SILENCE!” Waru pounded the wall, and her face flushed. “WHY CAN’T YOU JUST OBEY? Itami wasn’t cruel enough to respond, so instead he chose to stay silent. Other slaves grabbed his arms, and forced him all the way to the hatchery, where he was chained to the floor, and gagged. “Last chance to swear yourself to me.” Itami shook his head.
The next day, things looked pretty bleak. Itami could not eat, or drink anything, as his mouth was gagged, and it seemed that a particular bird had decided to peck his face off. The bird hit his skull at rapid speeds, until he finally passed out. However, when he woke up, he found that the bird had not been attempting to hurt him. Rather, the bird had set him free. From there, he ran as far as he could from that place, and replaced his slave robe.

Soon enough, at around age 14, he began working as a delivery boy for Lon Lon Ranch. Life had become pretty smooth, and Itami was even on a first-name basis with many of his customers. However, one day, a high-paying order had come in, from Gerudo Desert. Itami had left without a second thought- and without a map.

Sure as the desert was blisteringly hot, Itami became lost, on his way to his destination. He wandered for about 18 hours, before stumbling upon some kind of fortress. He shouted for help, and was immediately taken inside..... in irons. Of course, it was only AFTER that, that Itami found out that Gerudos hate foreign men. Thus, he returned to slavery.

At the very least, when not being issued orders, he was ignored altogether- leagues above his previous mistress' constant berating. In fact, he was given table scraps to eat, after dinner had finished. He felt no desire to escape- in fact, he relished his treatment as a Gerudo slave. They treated him like paid labor, instead of a slave. They used his name when they talked to him, they said “Thank You” when Itami did something right, and when he made a mistake, instead of being whipped, he was shown how to avoid making the same mistake again. When serving in the educational area of the fortress, he was able to learn to read and write with the Gerudo children (they taught him to speak hylian fluently, as well as how to decipher Gerudo codes, and how to navigate the desert, and, eventually, learn Philosophy with the older girls).

For the span of thirty years, Itami happily served the Gerudos. By this time, he had picked up the basics (and many of the advanced's) of magic, as well the Gerudo Swordplay Style, though he had altered it a bit, to fit his own sword and shield style. Then, an idea was presented before the minds of the Gerudo, that would forever change Itami's life.

See, a new Gerudo king had been born recently, and given the name “Ganondorf”, after previous Gerudo kings. Along with him, a portal had recently popped up, leading to a place referred to as “The Dark World”. Ganondorf had decided to move a gerudo colony into this dark world, and see if they could reap resources from it. Of course, the head slave of the project was none other than Itami, himself.

Soon enough, the day of the project came, and the away party (consisting of King Ganondorf, Itami, and various others), entered the portal into the dark world. As soon as they had entered, things went terribly wrong- many of the slaves, including Itami, were transformed. From squishy balls to bats- everyone's transformation reflected their person, including Itami, who had become a horse- Capable of outrunning anyone, but content to be ridden and used, as long as he got his carrot.

King Ganondorf remained normal, however, as he held aloft a strange pearl. “So, the moon pearl truly does work.” Ganondorf mused, to himself. “Ah, a horse! How convenient- you, I shall not leave behind.” he said, climbing onto Itami's back. Itami had no choice- he ran where Ganondorf told him to run.

They soon arrived at a massive, golden pyramid, which had a relatively large hole in the top. As Itami walked up the steps, Ganondorf laughed, mirthlessly. “Wait here, LOYAL STEED.” he had chided, jumping right into the hole.

Now, Itami was many things. Tolerant was not one of them- especially when he had just been TURNED INTO A HORSE. Thus, when Ganondorf jumped down the hole, Itami was not far behind.

Ganondorf, somehow, did not notice the loud clattering of a Horse's weight, being thrown about 20 feet. Instead, he was focused on what appeared to be a giant, flaming head. “YOU ARE THE NEXT, IN A LONG LINE” The head boomed. “THROUGH THIS DOOR, YOU WILL FIND A FRAGMENT OF THE TRIFORCE- THE TRIFORCE OF POWER. SUCCEED WHERE I FAILED, DESCENDANT. ALSO, THE ONE BEHIND YOU, KNOWN AS ITAMI KURUSHII, STANDS AS A THREAT TO YOU. DISPOSE OF HIM.”

Itami wasted no time- as Ganondorf whirled around, Itami tore his pocket, with his teeth. The strange pearl, which Itami had seen him stash in that pocket, rolled out. Ganondorf screamed, as his body began to contort- he was transforming, into some otherworldly beast. Itami threw himself at the rolling pearl, transforming back to his normal form, and stuffing the pearl into his pocket.

Behind him, a fierce roaring could be heard, followed by the heavy pounding of claws. Diving to the left, Itami managed to get a good look at the horrifying beast that Ganondorf had become. As he was, Itami knew he could not hope to defeat him- or even scratch him, for that matter. Instead, he bolted through the door, his old legs barely managing to carry him fast enough.

The beast lunged for him, though the doorway was too small for him to fit. Turning, Itami could see a single, golden triangle, floating above a pedestal. He drew closer to it, mesmerized by it- nothing else mattered anymore. There was no beast that wanted to kill him, he was not a slave to the gerudos, and he most certainly had nothing else important to him. He touched the triangle, reveling in the warmth it gave off. The warmth slowly consumed him, and his vision went white. He lived through previous Triforce holders- experienced what they had, in real time. He felt the pain of death a thousand times, each time Ganondorf was killed or sealed. He was forced to wait the thousands of years between ganondorf's reincarnations, and was forced to see himself steal the Moon Pearl.

And then, he was back in his own body. No time had passed, at all, though his body was much younger, now. Instead of the old man that he once was, he now appeared to be only 17. His hand felt... colder. Looking up, he could see that the golden triangle was no longer in front of him- and his left hand was now glowing with THREE golden triangles, the top triangle shining brighter than the other two. Having shared ganondorf's thoughts, he knew exactly what had happened- He was the new vessel of the Triforce of Power. He had broken a cycle that had gone on for millenia, by retrieving the golden triangle before Ganondorf.

and now, he had the power to end Ganondorf's life.

Itami turned, now feeling so far above the pathetic beast, stuck in a doorway, just BEGGING to be executed. Itami held up his empowered hand, a sword made of golden energy appearing in it. He stabbed the beast- once was all it took- and ended a long line of Ganondorf's. He emerged from the Dark World a completely new man. In fact, during his time as a Gerudo Slave, he had taken a wife, who was currently pregnant.

The first thing he did was free his wife, who had grown old. “Past the desert, there is a forest. In that forest is a village, known as the Village of Peace. Raise our child there, without me.” Itami had told his wife, Emyli.

She had done as he instructed, and went without him, eventually remarrying. He, in the meantime, began to build up a small order of mercenaries, known as The Bloody Rose. For several years, he devoted all of his time to strengthening his order, until, finally, it was time for him to make himself strong again.

He was 21, and it was time for the beginning of the rest of his life.

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PostSubject: Re: Itami Kurushii, holder of the Triforce of Power   Tue May 06, 2014 8:13 pm

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Itami Kurushii, holder of the Triforce of Power
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