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 Quest 3: Look for the Lost Fairies [OPEN]

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Race : Hylian
Homeland : Hyrule
Weapon Specialization : Sword and Shield
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Inventory (Character 1)Items
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PostSubject: Quest 3: Look for the Lost Fairies [OPEN]   Sat Mar 29, 2014 2:14 am

Quest Information
Description: "Great Fairy: I seem to have lost my young little fairies.  They were sent out across the all the world.  There are 100 of them in total.  There's a lot of them so take your time, but if you see any when you're in a dungeon or something like that, grab them fast!  Make sure you have a Bug Net though!  Otherwise you'll never be able to catch them!"
Location: All Worlds

- ??? It's a Great Fairy, it could be anything.  Is it worth the trip and time?

**When you're out questing and doing Dungeon Runs or even RPing across the Zelda World, every so often a staff member will post in your topic at random.  These posts might contain special goodies, like a random treasure chest.  Other times, they might hold the Lost Fairies.  So be patient, and don't rush with this quest :p Any topic that receives a random post like that should know, that ALL USERS IN THE TOPIC EACH receive whatever the reward is in the chest.  Meaning if there's a chest with 5 rupees, both users get 5 rupees.  Lost Fairies are account wide, and whatever the prize is can be applied to whichever character you choose :p**
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Quest 3: Look for the Lost Fairies [OPEN]
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