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 Backbiter (Yami's Basic Sword)

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Race : Hylian
Homeland : Hyrule
Weapon Specialization : Sword and Shield
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Inventory (Character 1)Items
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PostSubject: Backbiter (Yami's Basic Sword)   Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:58 pm

Name: Backbiter
Amount: 1
Type: Weapon (sword)
Damage: 1/2 heart
Rank: Novice
Appearance: A sword made of weak steel. It is very durable, but doesn't deal a whole lot of damage. The steel is fairly dark. The leather on the hilt is purple, with a bronze crosspiece and base.
Special Abilities: None (lets face it, i'm saving my abilities for better swords. This one is just plain.)
Origin/History: Yami was trained as a warrior in her village. The swordsman who trained her was also a swordsmith, and when Yami told him that she didn't have a blade of her own, he began to make a basic blade, useful for Yami during her early training as a lightweight blade.

Yami used this sword to defend her village when she was 14. Even if it was a weak blade, it still worked well enough for Yami to use at the time. She has kept the blade by her side, although she hopes to find a more qualified blade in the future.

Yami Kaiba (link at the bottom):
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Backbiter (Yami's Basic Sword)
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