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 Dungeon Run System

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PostSubject: Dungeon Run System   Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:54 pm

So we have dungeons!  Like any Zelda game, Dungeons are a big part of our site here.  So how do dungeons work?  Well clearly Ganon and the Moblins aren't just going to log on, try to kill you and hand over the Triforce.  Instead, one of our staff will act as the Dungeon master, springing traps, generating random treasure chests, acting out the rolls of bosses and enemies and the like.

But which dungeons do you run?  Well, here's the rundown.  Once per month, we'll pick a Zelda game by popular poll.  The most popular game picked will have its dungeons unlocked for one month.  So for example, let's say we suggest Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword, and Ocarina of Time wins, Ocarina of Time dungeons would be available for dungeon runs for that one month.

How does one earn rupees and stuff of dungeon runs and why should you do them, you ask?  Well, not only do you earn 10 rupees per post in dungeons, but you also get rupee multipliers and added treasures and items and such, all which can be sold, used for upgrades or equipped if they're better than your gear.  Extra goodies will be handed out to the top three earners of the dungeon run.  To be exact, these are the prizes:

First Place - The person who earns the most rupees and most treasures in a single dungeon run earns ONE Heart Container.

Second Place - The person who earns the second most rupees and most treasures in a single dungeon run earns ONE Heart Piece.

Third Place - The person who earns the third most rupees and most treasures in a single dungeon run earns a Magic Meter upgrade by 10 point.

Are there any rules to dungeon running?

Yes!  And here they are:

1. You may only participate in ONE Dungeon Run at a time, but how ever many you want in one month.

2. If you have Medals, you may only equip ONE Medal at a time per Dungeon Run.  Also, you may not use the same Medal twice in a row in more than one Dungeon Run in order to keep things fair.  What does this mean?  Well, if you go into the Forest Temple with an Attack Medal, and then after you finish go to the Shadow Temple, you can't use the effects of the Attack Medal during that second Dungeon.  So you must either switch Medals, or keep your same Medal equipped, but it's effects don't apply.

3. Whoever kills the enemy gains bonus rupees and or treasures.  Everyone gets rupees from enemies, but the finishing blows gains you extra.

4. You cannot argue with a ruling made by a Dungeon Master, that may cause penalties such as rupee and treasure deduction or even removal from the Dungeon Topic.

5. You may redo the same Dungeon Run as many times as you wish so long as it remains open, HOWEVER, rule 2 still applies even though you didn't change dungeons.  It applies because you are starting a NEW dungeon run.

And that's really all :DIf anything changes we'll let you know.  Only other thing you should know is that sometimes we'll place secret items in dungeons that can only be obtained for small amounts of time, so run those dungeons people!
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Dungeon Run System
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